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The following lists the discussion papers and final revised papers published within the last 90 days.
10 Feb 2016
Delineating incised stream sediment sources within a San Francisco Bay tributary basin
Paul Bigelow, Lee Benda, and Sarah Pearce
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., doi:10.5194/esurf-2016-5, 2016
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 0 comments)
05 Feb 2016
Analyzing bed and width oscillations in a self-maintained gravel-cobble bedded river using geomorphic covariance structures
R. A. Brown and G. B. Pasternack
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., doi:10.5194/esurf-2015-49, 2016
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 0 comments)
03 Feb 2016
On a neck, on a spit: controls on the shape of free spits
A. D. Ashton, J. Nienhuis, and K. Ells
Earth Surf. Dynam., 4, 193-210, doi:10.5194/esurf-4-193-2016, 2016
03 Feb 2016
Adaptive cycles of floodplain vegetation response to flooding and drying
R. Thapa, M. C. Thoms, M. Parsons, and M. Reid
Earth Surf. Dynam., 4, 175-191, doi:10.5194/esurf-4-175-2016, 2016
02 Feb 2016
An introduction to learning algorithms and potential applications in geomorphometry and earth surface dynamics
Andrew Valentine and Lara Kalnins
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., doi:10.5194/esurf-2016-6, 2016
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 0 comments)
02 Feb 2016
On the potential for regolith control of fluvial terrace formation in semi-arid escarpments
K. P. Norton, F. Schlunegger, and C. Litty
Earth Surf. Dynam., 4, 147-157, doi:10.5194/esurf-4-147-2016, 2016
02 Feb 2016
Basal shear stress under alpine glaciers: insights from experiments using the iSOSIA and Elmer/Ice models
C. F. Brædstrup, D. L. Egholm, S. V. Ugelvig, and V. K. Pedersen
Earth Surf. Dynam., 4, 159-174, doi:10.5194/esurf-4-159-2016, 2016
01 Feb 2016
Soilscape evolution of aeolian-dominated hillslopes during the Holocene: investigation of sediment transport mechanisms and climatic-anthropogenic drivers
Sagy Cohen, Tal Svoray, Shai Sela, Greg Hancock, and Garry Willgoose
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., doi:10.5194/esurf-2016-4, 2016
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 1 comment)
27 Jan 2016
Efficacy of bedrock erosion by subglacial water flow
F. Beaud, G. E. Flowers, and J. G. Venditti
Earth Surf. Dynam., 4, 125-145, doi:10.5194/esurf-4-125-2016, 2016
26 Jan 2016
The influence of Holocene vegetation changes on topography and erosion rates: A case study at Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed, Arizona
Jon D. Pelletier, Mary H. Nichols, and Mark A. Nearing
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., doi:10.5194/esurf-2016-3, 2016
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 0 comments)
25 Jan 2016
Short-term velocity variations at three rock glaciers and their relationship with meteorological conditions
V. Wirz, S. Gruber, R. S. Purves, J. Beutel, I. Gärtner-Roer, S. Gubler, and A. Vieli
Earth Surf. Dynam., 4, 103-123, doi:10.5194/esurf-4-103-2016, 2016
21 Jan 2016
Geomorphic analysis of transient landscapes in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas and Maya Mountains (northern Central America): implications for the North American–Caribbean–Cocos plate boundary
L. Andreani and R. Gloaguen
Earth Surf. Dynam., 4, 71-102, doi:10.5194/esurf-4-71-2016, 2016
20 Jan 2016
Armor breakup and reformation in a degradational laboratory experiment: detailed measurements of spatial and temporal changes of the bed surface texture
C. Orru, A. Blom, and W.S.J. Uijttewaal
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., doi:10.5194/esurf-2016-1, 2016
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 3 comments)
20 Jan 2016
The sensitivity of landscape evolution models to spatial and temporal rainfall resolution
T. J. Coulthard and C. J. Skinner
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., doi:10.5194/esurf-2016-2, 2016
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 0 comments)
20 Jan 2016
Exploring the sensitivity on a soil area-slope-grading relationship to changes in process parameters using a pedogenesis model
W. D. D. P. Welivitiya, Garry R. Willgoose, Greg R. Hancock, and Sagy Cohen
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., doi:10.5194/esurf-2015-54, 2016
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 0 comments)
20 Jan 2016
Storm-triggered landslides in the Peruvian Andes and implications for topography, carbon cycles, and biodiversity
K. E. Clark, A. J. West, R. G. Hilton, G. P. Asner, C. A. Quesada, M. R. Silman, S. S. Saatchi, W. Farfan-Rios, R. E. Martin, A. B. Horwath, K. Halladay, M. New, and Y. Malhi
Earth Surf. Dynam., 4, 47-70, doi:10.5194/esurf-4-47-2016, 2016
19 Jan 2016
Gravel threshold of motion: A state function of sediment transport disequilibrium?
Joel P. L. Johnson
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., doi:10.5194/esurf-2015-52, 2016
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 1 comment)
19 Jan 2016
Bedrock incision by bedload: insights from direct numerical simulations
Guilhem Aubert, Vincent J. Langlois, and Pascal Allemand
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., doi:10.5194/esurf-2015-56, 2016
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 0 comments)
18 Jan 2016
Modelling long-term, large-scale sediment storage using a simple sediment budget approach
V. Naipal, C. Reick, K. Van Oost, T. Hoffmann, and J. Pongratz
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., doi:10.5194/esurf-2015-57, 2016
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 0 comments)
18 Jan 2016
Network response to disturbances in large sand-bed braided rivers
F. Schuurman, M. G. Kleinhans, and H. Middelkoop
Earth Surf. Dynam., 4, 25-45, doi:10.5194/esurf-4-25-2016, 2016
15 Jan 2016
Tectonic geomorphology at small catchment sizes – extensions of the stream-power approach and the χ method
S. Hergarten, J. Robl, and K. Stüwe
Earth Surf. Dynam., 4, 1-9, doi:10.5194/esurf-4-1-2016, 2016
15 Jan 2016
Experimental migration of knickpoints: influence of style of base-level fall and bed lithology
J.-L. Grimaud, C. Paola, and V. Voller
Earth Surf. Dynam., 4, 11-23, doi:10.5194/esurf-4-11-2016, 2016
14 Jan 2016
Headwater sediment dynamics in debris flow catchment: implication of debris supply using high resolution topographic surveys
A. Loye, M. Jaboyedoff, J. I. Theule, and F. Liébault
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., doi:10.5194/esurf-2015-48, 2016
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 1 comment)
14 Jan 2016
A nondimensional framework for exploring the relief structure of landscapes
S. W. D. Grieve, S. M. Mudd, M. D. Hurst, and D. T. Milodowski
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., doi:10.5194/esurf-2015-53, 2016
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 1 comment)
18 Dec 2015
Detection of seasonal erosion processes at the scale of an elementary black marl gully from time series of Hi-Resolution DEMs
J. Bechet, J. Duc, A. Loye, M. Jaboyedoff, N. Mathys, J.-P. Malet, S. Klotz, C. Le Bouteiller, B. Rudaz, and J. Travelletti
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., 3, 1555-1586, doi:10.5194/esurfd-3-1555-2015, 2015
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 0 comments)
17 Dec 2015
Coarse bedload routing and dispersion through tributary confluences
K. S. Imhoff and A. C. Wilcox
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., 3, 1509-1553, doi:10.5194/esurfd-3-1509-2015, 2015
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: final response, 2 comments)
16 Dec 2015
Perspective – synthetic DEMs: A vital underpinning for the quantitative future of landform analysis?
J. K. Hillier, G. Sofia, and S. J. Conway
Earth Surf. Dynam., 3, 587-598, doi:10.5194/esurf-3-587-2015, 2015
15 Dec 2015
Image-based surface reconstruction in geomorphometry – merits, limits and developments of a promising tool for geoscientists
A. Eltner, A. Kaiser, C. Castillo, G. Rock, F. Neugirg, and A. Abellan
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., 3, 1445-1508, doi:10.5194/esurfd-3-1445-2015, 2015
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: final response, 2 comments)
15 Dec 2015
Grain sorting in the morphological active layer of a braided river physical model
P. Leduc, P. Ashmore, and J. T. Gardner
Earth Surf. Dynam., 3, 577-585, doi:10.5194/esurf-3-577-2015, 2015
14 Dec 2015
Estimating the volume of Alpine glacial lakes
S. J. Cook and D. J. Quincey
Earth Surf. Dynam., 3, 559-575, doi:10.5194/esurf-3-559-2015, 2015
10 Dec 2015
Topography-based flow-directional roughness: potential and challenges
S. Trevisani and M. Cavalli
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., 3, 1399-1444, doi:10.5194/esurfd-3-1399-2015, 2015
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: open, 5 comments)
01 Dec 2015
Block and boulder transport in Eastern Samar (Philippines) during Supertyphoon Haiyan
S. M. May, M. Engel, D. Brill, C. Cuadra, A. M. F. Lagmay, J. Santiago, J. K. Suarez, M. Reyes, and H. Brückner
Earth Surf. Dynam., 3, 543-558, doi:10.5194/esurf-3-543-2015, 2015
30 Nov 2015
Analysis of glacial and periglacial processes using structure from motion
L. Piermattei, L. Carturan, F. de Blasi, P. Tarolli, G. Dalla Fontana, A. Vettore, and N. Pfeifer
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., 3, 1345-1398, doi:10.5194/esurfd-3-1345-2015, 2015
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: final response, 3 comments)
18 Nov 2015
Inter-annual surface evolution of an Antarctic blue-ice moraine using multi-temporal DEMs
M. J. Westoby, S. A. Dunning, J. Woodward, A. S. Hein, S. M. Marrero, K. Winter, and D. E. Sugden
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., 3, 1317-1344, doi:10.5194/esurfd-3-1317-2015, 2015
Revised manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: final response, 4 comments)
18 Nov 2015
Bedload transport in a formerly glaciated mountain catchment constrained by particle tracking
A. Dell'Agnese, F. Brardinoni, M. Toro, L. Mao, M. Engel, and F. Comiti
Earth Surf. Dynam., 3, 527-542, doi:10.5194/esurf-3-527-2015, 2015
13 Nov 2015
Morphology of meandering and braided gravel-bed streams from the Bayanbulak Grassland, Tianshan, China
F. Métivier, O. Devauchelle, H. Chauvet, E. Lajeunesse, P. Meunier, K. Blanckaert, Z. Zhang, Y. Fan, Y. Liu, Z. Dong, and B. Ye
Earth Surf. Dynam. Discuss., 3, 1289-1316, doi:10.5194/esurfd-3-1289-2015, 2015
Manuscript under review for ESurf (discussion: final response, 4 comments)
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